New gtx 560 - Game terrain and details render slowly

First off - sorry if im posting this in the wrong section, but the problem is:

Whatever game i play, then the terrain and details render really really slowly, for example battlefield 3 - i die and when i switch to deathcam, it shows like a blank/faded ground and then slowly (in 1-5 seconds) its fully loaded. Same with rift - i teleport to somewhere and then 5 seconds later all the stuff starts to appear.

System specs:
4gb ram 1333mhz
intel pentium dual core e6500 2.9ghz
gtx 560 OC II 925mhz factory OC
600w psu
5400rpm harddrive
windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Im getting new 2x4gb 1600mhz kit tomorrow (corsair vengeance), thinking that might fix it.
Any suggestions ? Is my graphics card broken, its completely new.
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  1. If the new terrain needs to load off your hard drive, it will be very slow from a 5400RPM drive. Desktop standard is 7200RPM.
  2. Well, i dont recall it starting with my old 9800gt
  3. Anyone ?
  4. Your GTX 560 loads things faster graphically, but your hard drive cannot keep up with it probably. You didn't notice this on your old card because your loadings were slower, and hard drive had to wait for graphics card, and now it's vice versa. I had myself such a problem on L A noire - when I was copying some files in the background, and if I was driving fast in the game, I would sometimes drive on air, and only if I stopped for 10 seconds, it would completely load. Make sure you don't run anything in the background.
  5. Turn down the game details then work your way back up to higher settings. Also be sure to go through your Nvidia Control Panel settings. There can often be a setting or two in there that is not compatible with that particular game.

    Make sure you use the latest drivers off the Nvidia website.
  6. oh, so my hdd is a bottleneck ? :P
  7. Yes it's the most likely scenario. Try defragmenting it, it should help.
  8. what about buying a 7200rpm to store windows + program files + games ? and keep the 5400rpm for storage, is that a good idea ?
  9. Yes. Slow, "green" drives are good for things not requiring fast access. Movies, pictures, and most data can go there, once it is no longer "work in process."
  10. I use a 5400 RPM drive as my main one, but since I defragment it every week, I don't see a problem with it.
  11. My RAID-1 is a pair of 5400RPM drives. Most of my data is on it, and I don't notice any delays accessing it either.
  12. So i should just collect some money and get an ssd for games and a new cpu+mobo ? Or maybe just ssd and an intel core 2 quad, cause atm i have a shitty one with 2mb of l2 cache and 2 cores :/
  13. Download crystalmark and run a quick bench then upload a screen shot. Slow hard drive can bottleneck the fastest systems out there. It is one if not the main reason why most systems out there suffer performance related issues. Most here though mostly only focus on high sequential read and write performance but low random 4k hurts performance.

    So I suggest that either you upgrade your hard drive to a better performing model or pair it up with a cheap ssd. Now you must be wondering how to pair up drives without using raid and still improve performance well for the most part you can move the page file (win xp, vista, 7, and 2008). It is very easy to move the page file to a faster drive while allowing the other drive with os and applications to perform better without managing the page file at the same time.

    Start, control panel, system, performance, virtual memory tab/option.
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