PC for After Effects and Cinema 4D (i7 Quad core) - is this enough?

Hi I wonder if you can help me?

I'm looking for a PC that I can use for Cinema 4D and After Effects ( and a bit of video editing on Premiere).

I want something that will have a quick Ram prieview and render without me have to gauge my eyes out with wooden spoons. I currently have a Dell Laptop (core duo 4GB ram - which was rubbish with these programs hence buying a new one)

I have been suggested the following spec and want to know if any of you think it can do the jobs for me, if not, what should I get.

3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Ivy Bridge i7-3770 Quad-Core Processor w/ Hyper-Threading - 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz Memory - MSI Intel H61 Motherboard - 500GB SATA Hard Drive - 22 in 1 Card Reader - 22x DVD Writer.
+ getting it installed with 16GB

Is this i7 Quad core good or should I be getting a 6 core/hex core?

Just don't want wait days to scrobble/ram preview work... and keep my eyes.

Many thanks for your time

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  1. With RAM prices as low as they are, go with at least 8GB RAM or even 16GB if you plan to do some significant multi-tasking. You might also want to make it 1600MHz RAM since it is only a few bucks more.
  2. More cores the better. More RAM the better.
    For 3D and After Effects I would buy a 6-core i7 on 2011 socket and 32GB ram so you could render more than few seconds of RAM preview in 4k/2k/1080p.
  3. 1080P uncompressed video is going to eat your 500gb in about 6mins. Video editing needs lots of RAM, lots of FAST HD's, and a good video. I think Nvidia more video software takes advantage of Nvidia over ATI cards, but you should check individual software for what works best with what card.
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