Trinity A10 and Dual Graphics

hi. posting this here and in the GPU board

What is the top-end GPU that will run dual graphics with the new A10? I thought it would be able to work with the HD7750, but haven't been able to find exactly what the top end dual graphics is.

I know the A85X chipset will do traditional crossfire, but can it tri-fire with the 7660D assuming both other cards are compatable?
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  1. I can't find much info either but I think the 6670 will be the top card for hybrid crossfire and most likely the only one thats worth it.
  2. HD 76XX GPU's, and no assymetrical crossfire is between the iGPU and a single Discrete card, as soon as you put another discrete card in you run regular crossfire X. Having spoken with AMD liaisons on this issue, there is no clarification yet whether assymetrical crossfire will extend to multiple GPU's and when it will.
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