Help with choosing a graphics card

I have a home built computer with the following:
AMD Athlon II X4 640 Processor
16 GB of RAM
Ati Radeon HD 5570
Windows 7 Home Premium
64 bit operating system
2 CD/DVD drives
1 TB Hard disk

I use the computer mostly for games. i.e. Starcraft II.

The current card cannot keep up with the graphics, I continually get messages advising I'm slowing down the game.

The more I read about differents cards the more confused I get.

Could you recommend a card around the $200.00 price point for me.

Thank You
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  1. If you can scrape together a few extra dollars I would check out this one:

    What resolution monitor are you playing on?
  2. I really like this website for hardware recommendations:
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    What is your power supply? Are you from US? If you got a nice power supply and you're from US, I'd go with GTX 560 Ti. It's the best the money can buy for that price. It's a very fast card, with loads of overclocking potential, however, requires 500w quality power supply unit. It's $204.99/$209.99 after rebates:

    Gigabyte has higher clock speed (I personally own that one) and EVGA has lifetime warranty (vs 3 years for gigabyte one)/

    If you don't have a quality power supply unit, I suggest you get HD6870 and a quality power supply like Corsair CX500: - $139.99 after rebates - $49.99 after rebates

    If you're not from US, please tell where you're from, so we could check your local stores for best offers.
  4. Thank you for the speedy reply.

    I have a 23 " Dell monitor res. is 1920 X 1080
  5. The gtx 560ti would be the way to go, unless it's outside you're budget, then the Radeon HD 6870 would be the next best thing. If you're able to spend a little more money you may want to check out the Radeon 6950 2gb (If you can find one) or the Radeon HD 7850.
  6. You still need to tell us your power supply unit :)
  7. I'm from the US.

    I can't tell what my power supply is rated at without taking it out of the case. I realize I need at least a 500 watt one and will replace it if it is lower. Judging from the forum here the corsair supplies would be the ones to go with.
  8. Corsair CX series are cheap and reliable, that's why they are popular. I guess your total budget is $200 for both the video card and the power supply?
  9. go to see if they still have that promo for a 6870 for $129.
  10. Thanx again--My total budget does not include the power supply, willing to pay around $200.00 for the card with the power supply being a seperate issue.
  11. Then I suggest you get either of two graphics cards (both are GTX 560 Ti). One has lifetime warranty, while other has a bit higher clock speeds and 3 years warranty. Their price difference is minimal ($199.99 vs $209.99 after mail-in rebates):

    For the power supply recommendation I still recommend Corsair CX series, as they are both cheap, have long warranty and are very reliable:

    It costs $49.99 after mail-in rebates. I chose 600w model this time because today it costs same as 500w one.
  12. I finally pulled the power supply and found it to be a Tektronic 500 watt. Also my MoBo is an asus M4A79X TD EVO Crossfire ready.

    Is the GTX 560 Ti still the way to go? Is there any benefit to get the card in a 2 GB configuration?
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