Please suggest a few components.

hello guyz, im from india. i am new to this website , and i am thinking of building a cpu.
i have shortlisted a few components, amd fx-4100 and asus m5a88-m motherboard. Or could you suggest something else? .can anybody please suggest a good 4gb ram and gpu and psu to go with it ? im on a tight budget here :D . i want to play some games like gta4 in atleast medium settings.
i prefer if u could suggest a cabinet+psu combo. And will all of this work?
im currently following the first-timer's guide to building a cpu. and will i need to know anything else ?
Thanks in advance !
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  1. you cant build a cpu sir you can build a computer lol
    post your budget and we will make a list of parts for you here
    do you need the monitor, keyboard, and mouse too?
  2. Take the risk out of it Toms have done the hard work for you!,review-32506.html
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