A10 5800k crossfire with 7850

Hi everyone. I was wondering with the launch of the trinity series today if anyone knew of some game benchmarks with the 5800k in crossfire with a 7xxx series GPU. It would also be useful to see a comparison between the 5800k and the i3 3220 with a discrete graphics cards.
If no such thing exists, could some one with more influence and time than my self make something happen? :D

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you are planing on going with a discrete HD 7850 then a i3 is the better option to go with, a A10 is not premissed on being a high end part, its strengths are integrated graphics performance, openCL/MP performance and obviously it has assymetrical crossfire support with a discrete HD7600 GPU, the target market is HTPC, multimedia and any application which integrates CPU/GPU performance. If you want a lower mainstream gaming setup then a I3 with a HD 7850 is a much better option.
  2. ^ Do you know of any benchmarks that exist?
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    The whole point of Trinity is the great integrated graphics. If you plan to get a discrete gpu, then getting a APU is pointless.
  4. You cannot hybrid cf a high end gpu with an apu.
    If you are getting a discrete gpu then as geekapproved said getting apu is pointless
  5. better choice is Phenom II x4 965BE :)
  6. Thanks guys.
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