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Hello, I'm new to computer gaming I'm on a budget I had three cards in mind one is the amd radeon 6770, 6790 and 6850. My budget is 130 but i'm tempted to buy the 6850. Im mostly going to play crysis 2, mafia 2, mass effect 2, GTA IV. I want to play in my 32 which only does 1440 x 900. Which one will give the best performance
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  1. I've seen newegg. But because i can wait that long i was going to buy it from my local compusa store and i only have around 130-140 dollars
  2. i have two 6850's and they r good. but the games u r listing are very graphic intensive you may have to lower some settings to have it 100% lag free.

    one thing to consider is that they are on the way out so if you ever want to crossfire it might be a good to take geek approved suggestion and get teh 6870. it will be around a while longer.
  3. Get a gtx 460 its only 150$ an it will give way better preformance then any of those cards
  4. What are you full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)

    I agree with geekapproved,that 6870 is a sweet deal.

    It only takes 3 days.Not that long.And it's worth the wait for that card.But since it's Friday it probably won't be there until Tuesday.
  5. My vote goes for the 6870 as well. You'll be glad you waited a few days and spent a few more bucks.
  6. My specs are phenom II 520 or 550, 4 gb of ram, and a asus m4a78t-e with a 600 cooler master psu.
  7. Should be able to run any of the cards mentioned without a problem but the lack of a quad core will really hinder the GPU in games like Crysis 2 and Mafia 2.
  8. I know that why i'm saving up for a six core. know like firo40 mention early does anyone know if the gtx 460 is better than the 6850. since at compusa is on sale for 149.99 but has a $20 rebate
  9. You need to tell us specs including your power supply!!!
  10. I have a phenom II x2 550, 4gb ram, coolermaster 600 watt psu, and an asus m4a78t-e motherboard
  11. The 6850 is faster than the GTX460.While consuming less power too.
  12. okay thanks ill wait the extra day's an ordering the 6850
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