AMD 955 Upgrade to a newer?

I have a AMD 955 and honestly probably don't need to upgrade but I have the itch to upgrade the cpu. I have a Sabertooth 990 FX motherboard so I figured I should stay with AMD since it is a nice mobo.

My question is, is it worth to upgrade the CPU (and stay with AMD) and if so, to which? Or should I just hold off for the next iteration of AMD CPUs / Intell CPUS since I have not really seen a "need" for the upgrade
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  1. Is it overclocked or are you interested in/know how to overclock it? Unless you're doing something highly threaded that would warrant more cores, I'd say there's really no point in upgrading to another AMD cpu at this point with their current lineup.
  2. I do have the gear to OC it, just have not done it yet. I may look into Overclocking this weekend when I the some time to play with it
  3. I've heard Steamroller will use socket AM3+... So i think you should wait.

    Your CPU is still strong for todays apps.
  4. You should be able to hit 3.9GHz pretty easily on that chip, as its the same one I have, if its a C3 then its even easier and they also put out less heat. I have mine set at 3.9GHz @ v1.3875 @ 19.5 Multi fyi. Been stable for over 5 months with no issues.
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