How to identify the right chipset drivers?

I installed a new MOBO, switching from AMD to Intel. I am trying to get my old HDD with Win7ultimate to work. I was able to navigate my HDD with win7 boot disc, repair mode, and delete old drivers. Now i am navigating the MOBO disc with all the drivers for software, chipsets etc, but there are quite a few, I've narrowed it down to some that say intel ICH7 or ICH8 with description of my data types... SATA vs PATA etc.. (excuse me i am a noob). Any suggestions how i know what is the right one?

i7-3770 - MOBO ASUS P8H67-M PRO/CSM. win7 ultimate. HDD-SATA WD-black caviar.

Thanks~ :)
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    The chipset is the H67. The ICH7 was used on old 955 chipset based board and the ICH8 was used on 965 chipset based boards.
  2. I would recommend reinstalling the OS instead of identify and removing the old chipset driver.
  3. +1 to PaulR08
    Clean install always recommended, except where mobos are almost identical (Same chipsets...) It will save you a lot of hassle long-term.
  4. I would replacing any optical IDE drives with SATA .. forget PATA
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  6. I got it sorted out. A techy at a local shop was able to some how patch the old HDD to the new MOBO, and got windows to boot from the old HDD, in rough shape, but enough to run the MOBO disc with all the drivers, and with a LAN connection in order to D.L all the right drivers and updates... YES!!! I did have a problem with some software, especially Photo Shop, I had to call the company and get it reauthorized, but that was no problem either, other than the hour wait on the phone to actually speak to someone.

    ps: Now it is running better than ever, no bugs. boot is slow, but i run a ton of programs, so it's expected, not any slower than before.
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