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VIA 4in1 has stuffed my system!

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June 26, 2001 2:00:31 AM

big problems.
the FREAKING VIA 4in1 drivers have nuked my burner! GRRRRR *1 angry hamster*
one day my burner stopped working.
i did some experimenting and... EVENTUALLY found
PRE Via 4in1 4.28, in my device list the cd-rom & the burner both show up as themselves. nothing else.
everything was fine.
I install the 4.24 via 4in1 drivers from the asus CD supplied.
still no problems :) 
a week or so later i install the later 4.28 drivers got from the asus website.
it overwrites the 3 controllers, forgotten the name of em, maybe (primary, secondary and via bus master), turning them all to via
at the same time mysteriously turning both my hard drives, my sony 52x cd & ricoh 12x10x32x burner into SCSI named devices!
this doesnt seem to affect the sony 52x, but i suspect its the reason why i cant install many games recently on my HDD and DEFINATELY the reason why i can use my burner to read, but not write :( 

the most annoying thing is i tried to remove the 4in1 drivers, yet the SCSI identification for my drives remains, even if i completely remove all software and device drives for the burner.

any suggestions?
personally when i get home from work today its a big WIPE of the HDD and a fresh shiny copy of win2k. avoiding those 4in1 4.28 drivers like the plague!
(4.24 drivers were fine however... strange)

*This hamster has alot of work ahead for his poor little paws*

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June 26, 2001 2:03:21 AM

Ok here is your answer bossman. Get an Asus A7A266 (Magik1) get use it. Doesnt use that damm via 686b southbridge which is screwing your system up.

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June 26, 2001 2:10:38 AM

did you unplug the burner and restart it then shut it of and plug the burrner back in yet

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June 26, 2001 2:38:31 AM

I know that in Win95/98/98SE, the devices showing up as SCSI devices is SUPPOSED to happen! There is a program that is suppose to install with it that controlls the DMA mode of the devices-look under start/programs. Seriously. Set the devices right inder thsi program, click the "reboot" button, and your done! Still doesn't work? then reload the SAME VERSION of 4-in-1 but uncheck the Ultra DMA driver, and now it's back to regular Windows drivers.

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June 26, 2001 3:53:00 AM

win 2k hamster here.

ive had my fill of random crashes.
at least with win2k the crashes are regular and reproducable lol

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June 26, 2001 4:02:46 AM

You tried redoing the install proceedure with the UDMa driver unchecked and you still had problems? Try reinsatlling it with all boxes unchecked except the AGP driver.

Cast not thine pearls before the swine
June 26, 2001 4:05:00 AM

AMD fan

There you next mission for today.
June 26, 2001 4:49:50 AM

if I'm wrong I'll apologize up front, cuz you are hard to understand.
it appears you are kicking him while he's down, why don't you go back to [-peep-] France you annoying little troll?!
shut up

Independant thought is good.
It won't hurt for long.
June 26, 2001 5:01:15 AM

is that sarcasm?

and what has this got to do with amd?
its via and one set of drivers.

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June 26, 2001 5:03:56 AM

Sorry, I wish I could give you a good link to a great discussion regarding thise but the forum is now defunct. (The site,, is still there but no message board). What I remember is 4.28 and Win2K is really bad news. CD-RW's usually have the problems not CD-R but that doesn't help you. 4.28 seemed to make the Via 686B southbridge problem even worse. Go to the viatech site and get 4.29v or if they have them posted get 4.31. 4.32 is also around. Either of these are supposed to fix the southbridge bug.

I don't use Win2K but rather Windows 98SE. I also had problems with 4.28. Any disk utilities and like Scandisk, HD Tach, Norton Utilities, and defragmenters all generated Program Exception errors. Not something you want to see when do something critical with your hard drive. I reverted back to 4.25a until 4.29 was available.

I agree. Stay from 4.28 "like the plague".
June 26, 2001 5:11:26 AM

I think 4.32 is now the official release and heard bad things about anything pre 4.29. Service pack 2 Win2K is said (not tested myself) to contain all drivers required for via boards....

I'm using 4.31 I think and my burner etc. are all fine under 2k.


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June 26, 2001 5:22:48 AM

Thanx heaps...
the more posts i get the more everything makes sense.
why my disk defragger (oo-defrag) didnt work and kept snarling up into a loop,
why certain games refused to install and my burner problem.

im a regular reader of Toms collums, and im a little suprised i havent noticed posts on this subject before.

well i got the 4.32 drivers now,
a nice fresh shiney install awaits.

my hamster is very grateful. he wants to give you a kiss even

My Hamster doesnt like sarcasm. He may very well bite you in your hard to reach places!
June 26, 2001 5:29:29 AM

nah. 4.32 is official, i found it on

U know its strange... regarding the 686b "bug" i was running my system bare for almost 2 weeks (no 4in1's at all). and i never noticed a glitch. AND i had the dreaded 686b/soundblaster live combo.
i only updated to 4.24 then the accursed 4.28 just in case.
heh. should have left it allone *smile*

My Hamster doesnt like sarcasm. He may very well bite you in your hard to reach places!
June 26, 2001 5:57:40 AM

hmm - sorry - typo I meant 'now', not 'not'! thx.

I don't think 4.28 fixes the 686 bug anyway.

I never saw the issue either, but since (by my understanding) it was an issue mostly regarding copying large files from primary to secondary IDE channels that was exasperated by SB cards, I doubt most people would have done.

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June 26, 2001 6:32:13 AM

mmmm nice.
wonder why the 4.28 cracked the sads.
well ive found the 4.32 drivers.
ill try those on my semi-crippled system. if they work then ill discard everything and use those when installing windows from scratch.

a nice fresh system. :) 

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June 26, 2001 10:59:55 AM

If you're using Win2K...

Try just getting Service Pack 2. It's supposed to include full VIA support, meaning never having to deal with crappy 4in1's again.


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June 26, 2001 5:34:55 PM

The reason we didn't see many posts regarding 4.28 may be that it wasn't around for long, quickly being replaced by 4.29v. Also 4.28 were never official (at least I don't think so).

As for disk defragging, I don't know about Win2k but defragging has never worked for me in Windows 98SE unless I do it in Safe Mode.

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June 27, 2001 1:06:46 AM

hmms. official enough for those lemmings over at ASUS to put it on their webby as the most up to date drivers


did a lovely reinstall of everything last nite :)  :)  :) 
latest everything
1005a bios
12.90 detonator drivers
4.32 4in1's
promise drivers

then my STUPID hamster had to fiddle with my computer settings, changing it from APCI to "standard computer" and rebooting before it recognised everything.


end result...
lets install windows from scratch again lol
bad hamster! very bad hamster *smack smack smack*

My Hamster doesnt like sarcasm. He may very well bite you in your hard to reach places!
June 27, 2001 3:31:54 AM

I think you need to work on your rodent control techniques a little. Take it to get it's teeth clipped - that usually takes the wind out of the little bugger's sails for a day or two.

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June 27, 2001 3:37:37 AM

but if i do that he's liable to piss on the SDRAM!

u know its funny with all the trolls about, i have an amd, therefore if i have any problems im dumb for buying an amd.

even my hamster pityies then :) 

My Hamster doesnt like sarcasm. He may very well bite you in your hard to reach places!