Bad power strip causing artifacting?

So recently my monitor started having issues. It would not turn on at all until I replugged the power cord (the computer and monitor are connected to the same power strip).

Today, artifacts began appearing everywhere, so I thought my GPU was about to go poof. Whenever I started Diablo 3, I'd get a black screen or massive amounts of artifacting, which would carry over after exiting the game. I tried four different drivers, rolling back to 295.73, but it still occurred. I would choose clean install every time as well as using driver sweeper.

CPU temp and GPU temps were well within normal ranges.

I then shut off the computer and plugged it directly into the wall instead of through the power strip. All of a sudden - no more artifacts or any problems.

I've never heard of other people having this problem. Could the power strip be the actual source of the problem? Or is this just wishful thinking?
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    I think it could. It may have a fuse or a breaker of some sort that could be going bad, or it could be overloaded for the size of conducter it uses and overheating, icreasing resistance.........failure.

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