VM Runner Machine - for software testing

Looking for a machine to run continuous integration server (Jenkins) and multiple VirtualBox VM's for parallelizing automated tests. Tests are generally processor and disk intensive. VM's of two sorts

1. Unix command line only, VM's running ruby probably < 256MB ram - used frequently in large quantities (16+ would be nice)
2. GUI VM's running OS/Web Browser combinations, mostly Windows. (2-4)

Country: UK, Manchester
Budget < 1000GBP, ideally < 700GBP
Parts not required, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
Minimal graphics
No overclocking
OS: Linux

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  1. i put up the same type of question, hope someone replies to either of us.

    i suppose if we had put the word, "gaming", in the thread title we'd have some hits ;-)
  2. Let me know if you get an answer in your thread :)
  3. sure, we are looking for close to same setup...
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