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Hello, I am getting no post or display when starting up my new build, I have breadboarded it using only the motherboard, cpu & fan, ram and video card, fan spin but thats about it. I have tested PSU using a multimeter, I have tried the Graphics card in another PC, have tried using two different sticks of ram, one at a time and I have used two of the same motherboards brand new, I have also tried two different case speakers with none of these attempts succeeding, the only thing I cant test is the CPU but apart from that I really don't know what else to try?
Thanks, Gavin

Parts: AMD Phenom II X4 965
Sapphire Radeon HD 6870
OCZ 600W Modular PSU
Corsair Vengeance RAM 8GB (2x4GB)
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  1. motherboard had speaker of course .. try in outcase ... PSU + motherboard + CPU only (no ram and shappire) .. try on PC .. if you hear beep .. it mean CPU working .. if no beep RMA CPU
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