After installing GTX 680, computer constantly reboots

First of all, please be as specific as possible because this is the first time I've tried to change graphics cards and I'm not the best when it comes to building computers.

My GTX 680 just came in the mail today, so I took my 480 out, and replaced it with the 680. Used the same PCI power connectors, 2x6 pin, and everything seemed fine. I booted windows and installed the drivers, and it recognized my 680. In about 10 minutes, my computer froze, so I shut it off. Then, whenever I tried to power it back on, after about 5 seconds, it shuts down and restarts itself. During this time, nothing appears on the screen, it's just lit up but black.

I tried putting the 480 back in and it has the same problem.
Also, I was wearing a static wristband the whole time, connected to the metal part of the case.
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  1. I think I might have this problem because I have my cpu overclocked from 2.8 to 3.8ghz (I7 930), could that be it? Is there a way I can disable the overclock, I have no idea how because it reboots before I can do F8 or whatever it was.
  2. If you can't get into the BIOS, then you can manually reset the BIOS using the jumpers on your motherboard. Check your motherboard documentation on how to reset the BIOS to defaults. You can also remove the battery from the motherboard for a few seconds, then reinstall it and boot back up.
  3. I pressed the clear cmos button on the back of the computer and it's still doing the reboot cycle. Also The screen doesn't light up at all, i's dark black.

    I dont understand why the 480 isn't working anymore. Literally the only things I did inside there were to take the card out, and switch it with the 680, and then put the 480 back in when the 680 wasn't working.

    also I have a 750w corsair psu and 6gb (3x2gb) of ram if that helps
  4. I'm trying with just 1 stick of ram, and it doesn't reboot now. It just powers on and gives me a black screen. The fans spin and everything, but no matter how long I can wait, if I press the soft power button (the one you normally use to start the computer) it shuts off, you don't have to hold it down for the normal 5 seconds.

    Edit: Nevermind that. it's restarting again. It just took a while that time after changing the ram.

    Edit: I've called the place that made it, and I'll be bringing it in for repair and installing the new one tomorrow. I'm assuming I didn't break the whole computer with ESD or something, I was wearing the antistatic wristband attached to metal in my case. Does this SOUND at all like ESD? I just want to be sure I didn't shock the whole computer or something before I bring it in, and find out I'm going to have to pay another $3000 to get it fixed.
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