Piledriver or bulldozer+cheap card?

Sooo i was planning on building a computer and was about to buy the parts with a bulldozer fx cpu and then i see that these pile driver cards came out... hmm... so i did some looking and need some opinions. Should i go with:

with a nice fan for overclocking?
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    the bottom link is an A10 and is not pile driver but amd apu line trinity, which has the integrated gpu that is prob better than that 440gt and is based off piledriver cpus wise. if ur not gaming such as bf3 and more demanding games the apu side is the best way to go other the fx 6 core as the fx(bulldozers r not great gaming cpus compared to a phenom ii x4.

    One of the best and cheapest cpu coolers r a Cooler Master 212+ or evo
  2. Also the apus can hybrid crossfire with a discrete gpu to reach higher gpu performance, but so far a different gpu hasnt been linked for the new trinity apus but the llano apu A8 with a 6670 which is like $50 adds to be great.
  3. Oh, hm, well playing bf3 was what i was wanting to do :p, so should i get a nice phenom with the video card then?
  4. What are you going to be doing with this computer. IMO the first choice is a waste you have a lousy CPU paired with with a low end video card that is two and a half generations old. If you don't plan on using a discrete video card go with the APU. If you want to go with a discrete video card you would be better of with an I3 and something like a GTX 550Ti or 650Ti when they come out.
  5. If you go with a FX go with a FX4170 over the 6100, or go straight to a 8120, but with Piledriver releasing its prudent to wait for that.

    GPU side, I would settle for nothing less than a HD 6790/6850/GTX 560SE or new 7700 series cards. Ultimately you want to somehow reach HD 7850 level, worth the investment.
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