I want to upgrade my Gateway E4610S, same case...what is the best motherboard yo

I want to upgrade my Gateway E4610S with a new motherboard and CPU. Current Specs:

Intel(R) Core(TM)2-CPU
6300 @ 1.86GHz

I want to keep the case.....just upgrade the motherboard and CPU as far as it can go.....what do you have for options?
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  1. buy a new case. they are cheap, and you'll probably run into a bunch of problems with the gateway case anyway (airflow, parts fitting, etc).
  2. Unfortunately, that motherboard is a microBTX size board. The mountings for it are entirely proprietary, and are not supported by an modern motherboard. It's been phased out years ago.

    You'll have to get a new case as no modern MB will fit the microBTX mountings in your old case. Sorry.
  3. Oh, it is sentimental.....there are no more motherboards in that series?....what about the processor....can it be upgraded.?I have other nice desktops and cases....but I REALLY like this system.
  4. Sorry. It's time has come. There's no CPU upgrade for it either.
  5. well thank you.....so, so sad :(
  6. Black_Siberian said:
    well thank you.....so, so sad :(

    Not entirely true. I have several of these cases as well, and have been looking at possible upgrades. Gateway made two more microBTX boards that are newer chipsets, with more options, processor-wise, that may be possible to use: look at the mobo for the 4620s, and the E-6610 (Lavacot). The 4620s has better processor options, but you take a hit in memory bandwidth (12.8GB/s vs 6.4GB/s) while the E-6610 is faster (10.6GB/s) with the highest processor options being the Q6600/Q6700 ($$$) and the extreme QX6600/6700. Good luck!
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