Slim case power supply for a dell dimension c521

have a dell dimension C521 that am upgrading. already installed a biostar geforce 210 1gb/ddr3 gralphics card. brought a psu upgrade. 400 watt. power supply works and is compatable (has a plate attached so it can fit in the case. problem is: i canot screw it in the case as the holes are off centered. so am looking for a psu that will fit perfectly into this case. thank you
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  1. Have you applied power to it yet? If not, my advice is not to. Dell has a nasty habit of making their own proprietary motherboards and power supplies. Dell mobo plus standard power supply equals sparks and destruction.

    Anyone here familiar with that particular Dell model and know if it can live with a standard power supply? siliconali42000, do you have a manual that shows the power pinouts for the motherboard, so you can compare then to the ATX standard?

    If I had to upgrade a Dell, first I would try to get a power supply from Dell, then I would drill extra holes in the case if I knew that the PS was compatible. I like Dell machines, I like Dell service. My wife and daughter have a Dell. But I would never play with the hardware.

    EDIT: I hope that I am wrong and everything goes well for you.
  2. thank you in advance. i orignal psu: was a dell 280w.i order the 350w(which turned out to be 400w. from model i ordered said it was ganranteed as a replacement upgrade for the dell dimension c521.went i got the power supply it said apollo(i went to a dell power supply site(that site informed me that it was compatable with the system. i did power it up. the machine did boot into iwndows . no problem.(as for atx i have a cool master 650w psu it worked with the dell also but was too big to fit into the slim line case.the apollo psu from atx was too small there was a large gap between the case and the power supply. atx has sent the same psu. but with a plate attached to said psu. the holes in the plate are off centered(i can only see one hole and only part of that. and no other holes.the graphic card(biostar geforce 210 is not suppose to use but so much power(i haven`t tested the card using the original psu of 280w,because it has dropped dead. as for dell on their support site there are no section for psu only memory and the usual things. am not really a dell person. i have fixed alot of them upgraded alot of them(mostly laptops.and some desktop.) i like toughbooks,than hp, fujitsu.ect. thanks again
  3. Well, then all I can say is good luck.
  4. ok thank you much.
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