SLI or getting 1 better card when GPU gets too old

When my GTX560Ti gets old, will it be best to get a better GPU and throw the GTX560Ti away or get a new GTX560Ti and SLI it with my old one?

Cost-wise it seems SLI should be cheaper, but I don't know performance wise.
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  1. Depends on your PSU - if it will support SLi - 2x560Tis are a good combo - way more potent than a GTX580. If you have to buy a new PSU + GPU a single card would make more sense. Most new cards are more powerful/efficient so you could most likely reuse your current PSU.
  2. Cooler Master GX 700W good enough?
  3. 700W is the min. Cooler Master is not one of the "stellar" PSU manufacturers but they do make decent products.
  4. Yeah you don't want that PSU running one card let alone two cards. Or even a new more powerfull card. That PSU is on tier 4 and tier 5 is the worst. That PSU if it was a 450w then is would be fine.

    You will see when I link you to it. I don't think you can throw up the old GPU. I would do the SLI first. Look at how many people are still using the GTX 260's. So they will still be good for a while.

    If you get a new PSU look for the brands Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, and XFX. That would be your best bet. And I do wish you good luck on you problem.
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