Vacation in Morrowind

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i enjoyed my time spent in Morrowind when the game was first released,
that i decided to pick it up again with a used copy of the GotY

i stole/earned 5K and went straight to the Creeper in Balmora where
after about two hours of repetitive sell 5K-sleep-sell 5K-sleep... i
had about 1,000,000 in gold. a nice way to start my adventure.

funny how you forget about the little details of a game like this. it's
been quite a while since i played the original. so much fun, i found
myself jumping along to gain athletic points, all the way to Ebonheart,
thinking, "man, this game is just so deep and cool... glad this game of
the year edition doesn't..."

then it happened. the game froze. then i began remembering all those
long nights of gameplay without saving when it used to freeze and i
would cuss up a storm.

i thought the GotY version of Morrowind was supposed to have fixed the
$%#^%$& bugs and glitches? so far, when i run, the framerate seems
skippish, and the horrendous load times are still, well... horrendous.

anyone whose played this version think i should cut the vacation short
and spare myself the misery? i have six days to bring it back if i
don't like it... thoughts?
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  1. Personally, I enjoyed the hell outta Morrowind. But your xbox sounds like mine, crashing. . . loooong load times. Then the DVD drive finally died.

    So i got a 360 and oblivion. And I'm not so sad.
  2. I guess not. I had the game of the year edition and I dont remember it ever freezing up but I guess it is a problem because I have heard of it happening a bunch
  3. Try the Morrowind GOTY PC edition. Its still around. Amazon has it.
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