Possible to use "Clone Mac Address" with "MAC address filtering?


Thanks for taking time to read my query. I'm trying to set up a Linksys WRT54g for a friend who has a Comcast Motorola cable modem. After doing some research I decided to employ WPA + TKIP. Initially I thought there would be a single computer (i.e. the one used to originally register the MAC address) accessing the Linksys router which is hooked up to the Comcast modem. Now I'm told that a second computer plus a Wii will require access.

Here's my question. Since the Comcast modem will only accept one MAC address, is the following the most efficient and secure set up:

1) Clone MAC address from the original computer to the Linksys modem.

2) Use WPA2 + AES encryption

3)Obtain the MAC addresses of the 2nd computer and the WII and then use MAC address filtering to limit access.

I've done a lot of research, but feel honestly that I'm in over my head. So your help will be very much appreciated!
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  1. 1) Clone the MAC address of the first computer since that is the one that seems to be registered with Comcast.

    2) yes use WPA2+AES. if the firmware does not support it, use the DD-WRT firmware which also will allow you to setup QoS since you are having a Wii connected.


    3) you could add MAC address filtering; however, I do not think it is really necessary since WPA2+AES is as secure as it can get. Should you be concerned about family members handing out the wireless pass-phrase then yes enable MAC address filtering.
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