Ftp website blocked for one user only ; no firewall

NO FIREWALL ! Trusted site !

Win 7 home. I get:
"403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied."
when trying to get to a ftp web site. Other user account on this machine has no problem.

Both accounts are now admin; this (problematic) account was not at first.
There is no firewall running, MS or 3rd party. I have added this ftp url to the "trusted sites" in Internet properties. There was a McCaffee app on this account; I removed it 6 boot ups ago.
Is this a Certificate issue or a broken firewall issue or a setting issue ?
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  1. Is this a one user computer issue or does this user have this problem at every computer?
  2. Only this machine for this user account has this problem. Administrator account runs the FTP site fine. I see no difference in any relevant setting between them.

    When I put another machine on this Ethernet cable it runs fine , so it’s not the upstream router.( of course, given the above)

    I’ve done everything I can to make sure nothing is blocking the FTP port for this user. Again no firewall, Internet properties / internet settings on low (open) , the url is in “trusted sites”.

    When I try to telnet to the ftp website (telnent FTP.XXXX.COM 21) it hangs. I can ping the site fine, so it sure looks like a port 21 issue. It “feels” to me like some bit of McCaffee is hanging out, getting in the way, but I cant prove it. The other user, admin, had no firewall at all.

    Towards the end of this nonsense I on Windows firewall, opened port 21, then removed it, and turn the firewall itself off just to “throw some switches “ ; no change
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