Cool looking case for $50?

so i wanted this case because to me, it looks badass and has pretty lights:

unfortunetly though, i heard raidmax sucks and i hear this case is kinda small. what do you guys think of this case? Is there others that are this cool looking?
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    Yeah, I would avoid raidmax.

    If you want a really nice case, but one that's not as flashy, the NZXT Gamma Classic is absolutely amazing. It's got the build of a $100 case, is fully painted inside and out, has everything but front panel usb 3.0... and is $40.
    NZXT 210 Great case, but no led's at the front, not a gaming style.

    Or the Cooler Master 912, you can put a 200 mm red LED fan at the front, an it will look great, besides it has great cooling and expansion options
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