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Hello, i know that autodesk programs are optmized for nvidia cars with cuda cores, but i would like to buy hd 7970 to play some games and use in small projects, it will work good with hd 7970? or i should buy gtx 690?
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  1. Do you mean the GTX 680. I don't think the GTX 690 is out yet. If I had to choose between the HD 7970 and the GTX 690 well it would be the GTX 690. But if you meant the GTX 680. I would go for the GTX 680.

    But if you need a card now then the HD 7970 would be it. I know the GTX 680's are out but I don't know if everybody is out of stock. I haven't look to see. This is my take on this so I wish you good luck on your choice.
  2. sorry, i am talking about gtx 680. I dont know if hd 7970 is good for cad programs, while the gtx 680 has cuda core arquitecture and i think it does the difference.
  3. The auto cad is only good for nVidia cards. But I have seen people use the AMD/ATI cards with autocad. It wasn't the best but it did work. The 7970's don't have cuda so the GTX 680 is the way to go.

    You are looking at around $499.99 for the GTX 680. The 7970 is $550.00.
  4. It's not only good for nvidia. Even a low 5670 can do small projects (even bigger 100k+ it can handle). Maya doesn't have any out of the box cuda plugins.
  5. yea, i know people whose are using one gtx 460 rendering with maya, however i heard that gtx 680 is worse than gtx 580 to cad programs, because his architecture is optmized for games and non for 3d like gtx 580
  6. I guess I didn't see maya it was in your question and I over looked it sorry about that K1114 is right about the AMD/ATI cards you can use them just as you can use the nVidia cards.

    This is the basic specs on the maya and what it requires in order to operate. So it opens it up to just about any GPU. But you were wanting to game. So I don't know how that would fit in. Anyway good luck to you.

    Processor = Intel® Pentium® 4 or higher, AMD Athlon™ 64, AMD Opteron™ processor, AMD Phenom™ processor
    Video card = Qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics cards
    Memory = 2 GB, 4 GB for 64-bit OS
    Hard drive = 10 GB
    Optical drive = DVD-ROM
    Internet browser = Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox
  7. Autodesk maya is AMD territory according to a recent professional card review and from the benchmarks done with the program it seems AMD is winning by a long shot. So I would likely recommend the AMD card over an Nvidia card for Maya now if you moved to 3dsMax I would go Nvidia instead. (Same company made the product but the results are so different go figure.)


    http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/firepro-v3900-review-benchmark,3153-7.html <-- shows consumer and pro cards low end though the cards have similar prices and similar gaming performance but the results speak for themselves.
  8. Quadro vs firepro and gtx vs radeon is a completely different situation. Gtx cards are deliberated handicapped in opengl, the default maya viewport (shown in specview, the tomshardware link). The other link you showed used viewport 2.0 which is directx, which as you should know is also used by games, so any consumer card handles them pretty well. (It is literally 2 clicks to change the viewport renderer.) The tomshardware link does NOT show similarly priced cards. The quadro 400 is $105, the firepro v3900 is $120, the gt 440 is $60 as is the 6570. Max and maya are still based on the originals which came from different companies. And anyways, you wouldn't say a nissan leaf is anything like a gtr, even though they are the same company.

    Both the 7970 and 680 will handle maya over 100 fps in the viewport for even moderately sized projects but for gaming the 680 has an edge and would be my suggestion. I personally use a 560ti at home because I game and use cuda plugins on other software. But I do not work from home so only do personal projects that never go beyond 200k polys with 2k res textures.

    I also wanted to note, you do not render with the gpu unless you had a gpu renderer plugin. All the gpu does is handle the viewport. You could say it renders the viewport but the term usually refers to the final render.
  9. thanks for explain me about the performance of gtx 680, i have my choice now, i gonna buy the gtx 680. thanks
  10. Well, the HD 7970 is optimized for Open GL, and it KILLS nVidia cards in OpenGL and OpenCL. nVidia's Cuda is used in Photoshop if I am not mistaken. And OpenGL is used in CAD if i am not mistaken. But I am pretty positive that the card that performs better in DX performance, will be better with Autocad because Inventor switched from GL to DX a few years back. Ya gotta do your research. Good luck!
  11. Thanks for help me, i bougth the hd 7970 sapphire dual-x, and i am so satisfect with her performance both in games and maya, in my opinion is impossible to compare nvidia gtx 680 and hd 7970, because nvidia has forsaken the gpgpu with the keppler archtecture, in order to have a great performance in games.
  12. Well since you say that then take a look at this bench mark between the two. I still agree that both card are really nice cards and both will eat up just about any kind of game or program you throw at it.

    As you can see both the 680 and the 670 show at least 80% better benches compaired to the 7970. So I guess you can call it what ever you want but the facts speak for them selfs. Good luck to you and your nice card.

    7970 vs 680

    7970 vs 670
  13. It's not the architecture, they are deliberately handicapped so you would buy their quadro or tesla cards. The built in renderers in maya don't even take advantage of gpgpu.
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