Computer freezes in normal or safe mode and even during check disk,

I guess I will just hop right into the issue. 2 days ago my computer began freezing randomly. It freezes in normal mode, Safe mode, and it pretty much anything except BIOs. When it loks up it requires a hard restart to fix.

Some interesting notes;
Kept the attention info panel up till it frooze there were no rouge programs eating at CPU just system idle at 99%.

Running core temp till it froze had the same results. normal temps and and minimal usage of CPU at thhe time it froze.

Hdd light is solid, not blinking. No unusual noises.

What I have tried

Updated all drivers. Checked voltage andtiming of RAM. Ran registry cleaner spyware cleaner and Norton 360. The final atenpted I made was to schedule a hdd check on reboot.

After 4 attempts at this the computerhas frozen evryyime in step 4 of checking, the file integrity check, each Time before reaching 8%.

I'm thinking this is a harddrive issue because of this? Any thoughts? Thanks for any help. Sorry for grammatical errors. Had to type this on my phone.

Basic system info
Windwows XP
patriot ddr2 ram 2x2g
Nvidia 9800gt
Asus m32 motherboard
Amd quad core 3.1ghz
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  1. What is the capacity of the hard drive, and how much free space do you have on it?

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