Need some help with temp sensors. Can I link them?

I recently installed watercooling in my computer, and I have six fans connected to a Lamptron Fan controller Touch (

Those six fans all sit in push-pull on the rad in the roof of my cabinet.
Now, my one problem with this fan controller is that it does not seem to be able to synch all the fans, as there is one temp sensor per fan, so six total. This is great if you have the fans spread around the case, not so much when they are all supposed to work at the same time. Yes, they are mostly going on and off at the same time, but sometimes one lags behind, or one goes off while the other fans are quiet. Is there a way to link all six fans with one temp sensor, or maybe clip off the heads of the sensors and connect them all to one head, so all read the temp from the same sensor?

Here is a page from the manual describing the controller:

Thanks for answering!
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  1. I understand what you want to do, but this unit wasn't designed with that in mind. You can't put all six fans loads on one lead. I'm sure that would exceed the design specifications of the controller. The only advice I have for you is to get used to the fans coming on singly, or look elsewhere for a fan controller that supports banking multiple fans.
  2. Ok, thanks for answering!
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