Computer keeps crash/freezing to back screen in game.

Ok I have been having this problem for a while now. A few months ago I decided to upgrade my palit gts 450 for a Powercolor HD 6870. Ever since, I have been having random crashes in my games, even those with very low graphic intensity. I was running a stock Xion 700W, and most said that most likely it wasnt giving enough juice to my GPU. I recently got around to replacing it with a Corsaid HX850....but same problem.
I was barely overclocking my CPU, but I reset the bios to default with same results.
What can it possibly be?
If my card is simply shot, does Powercolor do RMA's for this type of thing?

My specs:
Guardian 921Rb
Asus P7h55/USB3
8Gb ADATA Gaming series 1600Mhz Ram
Intel i5 720 @ 2.80 GHz (Stock Ibuypower liquid cooling)
Powercolor HD 6870
Corsair HX850
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  1. If you can convince Powercolor that the card is defective then because it's still unger warranty then you have a real good shot at a RMA. Of course if the card is not defective then it would be no benefit to do the RMA because something else is causing the problem. Either way it is going to start with ane-mail or call to thier tech sypport to see.
    Before calling you do want to run some tests to make sure that the rest of your components are up to snuff. Set you cpu at stock speed and only use one stick of ram , then try different drivers for the video card. Was anything else added to the computer , any hardware or software. Have you monitored any temps for the card or cpu.
    As I said if the card is defective you will get aRMA and it doesn't matter if it's defective only when playing a game because the cards are designed to do so and you should expect that from the card.
  2. I am planning on checking temps using GPu-z while running furmark. Ill get back to you after ive done so.
  3. Ok I Just finished a run through with furmark set at 1920x1080 with 2x MSAA with no problems. The test was 15 minutes, and my GPU settled at a high temperature of 77 degrees celcius. This is annoying, I cant even get through 10 minutes of Jedi outcast without the computer crashing, yet it made it through this.

    Heres a snapshot of Gpu-Z

    So how exactly do I run a memtest?
  4. You will have to download the memtest software.
  5. Ok do you have any feedback regarding the test results?
    And I have a new computer completely skips the Asus menu, so I cant even get into the setup. Memtest requires that I boot from the iso, which im unable to do because of this. Any clues?
  6. Ok just in case any one else decides to put their two cents in here, my RMA request to powercolor was accepted and they emailed me my number with instructions. If the card has no problems and gets sent back, then what else would cause the problems?
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