Damaged box employee discount CPU options.

I have the option to either buy an Intel i7 3820 for 250 bucks, Intel i& 3770 (no K) for 250 bucks, or an i5 3570k for 230 bucks (without a discount), which one should i go for?
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  1. The 3820. That thing is a beast with all that cache.
  2. ^ +1

    3820 gets my vote in this case due to the price + the ability to OC. Depends on how much you're willing to invest in your rig as a whole, however.
  3. Problem with getting the 3820 is you will likely have to pay more for a motherboard than you would for an i7 3770. LGA 2011 mobos are expensive. If you actually use applications that will benefit from quad channel memory, or plan on doing a triple or quad SLI/Crossfire setup, it might be worth buying into the LGA 2011 platform. If not, I'd just get the 3770 unless overclocking is a big deal for you. Even without overclocking, the 3770 is still a very powerful CPU that will likely last you for years.
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