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Hello everyone I have an old computer: which is practically useless by todays standard. I just got replaced, but now I'm looking to upgrade this one. My budget is as low as possible, maybe $100-150 or less, here is what I have so far:

These upgrades are over budget though, especially the processor. I was wondering is it would be cheaper to upgrade the motherboard to that supports more a better socket (1207 FX?) and then get a better processor and the ram. Also does any 4x1gb ram set fit into this computer cause the one I have there is pretty expensive?
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    Spend a little more and get a much better system.
    If you want to stay with AMD, go for an AM3, AM3+, or FM1 motherboard.
    AMD has good quad core processor that start at under $100.
    All new CPUs use DDR3, and luckily that's pretty cheap (cheaper then the outdated memory you'd have on a Socket 939).

    If you go with an FM1 board, with the right processor you won't need a video card initially.

    I did a similar upgrade to this myself a few months ago.
    I bought a Phenom II X4 955 processor which easily overclocked to 3.6 GHz for $99 (
    My Asrock motherboard was $69.95 (if I was in the market today I'd buy this -
    4GB of DDR3 - $24.99 (

    You'll need a CPU cooler (I had one), buyt you're still talking around $200.
  2. Per the specs you have 2 X 512 = 1 GB of installed RAM occupying 2 slots.

    You will see an immediate improvement in your present computer by installing 4 GBs of RAM (4 x 1 GB)

    You will need two sets of these:
  3. Alright I think I'm gonna go with iggybeans' advice, I'm planning on ordering these parts for awhile because I'm piecing together a new gaming build, so I may be able to scrape some of the budget off that into this, also can you migrate the Windows XP OS onto a new motherboard?
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  5. There are drivers for Asrock's 880GM-LE FX for windows XP (32 or 64 bit).
    Most new motherboards will still have drivers for this OS because it still remains quite popular.
    I, myself, still have two systems running this.

    BTW the link for this motherboard is incorrect.
    It's here:

    Good luck with everything dude.
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