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I have a new desktop, and I want to upgrade it as much as possible, in a way.

It is a 64 bit Win 7 Ultimate system, with 8gb or RAM, and an i5-2320 processor. I have a 1tb hard drive, and an additional drive that is 465 GB.

I recently added a SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7750 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 video card (which is awesome...)

I bought this (, and I cannot install in because the slots on my board are too small, and I do not have this type of power supply.

I've also upgraded all of my LAN cable to Cat6, which helped.

So my question is this...what can I buy or add to make my desktop better?

Is this worth it?

What else can I add to make the computer better?

Thank you very much in advance for the tips, it is greatly appreciated.
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    The next best thing you could do is get yourself an SSD drive. It will reduce loading times/boot times of your computer and all of it's apps/games (as long as they reside on it).

    I reccomend the Crucial M4 or Samsung 830 - 128GB is decent enough for your OS + few apps + a few games. Should be around 1$/gig possibly less if you find it on sale.

    I can't really reccomend anything else for your computer - as it is already a decent mid range system.

    That evo cooler would be somewhat useless to you as you cannot overclock your computer - although it would definitely give lower temperatures. But IMO it would be a worthless upgrade for you.
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