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  1. No, it most likely will need a Low Profile Video Card. And that PSU isn't worth $25 or the possibility of taking out your whole computer.
  2. thank you, and i think a ma return this piece of crap of pc to the buyer (sorry for the languague)
  3. No,both of them are not at all compatible.

    1)Firstly,Make sure that you get a standard psu from any branded companies like Corsair,Cool Master ,Seasonic etc.

    2)Get a cabinet a much more larger then your components adjustment so that it will never have cooling problem.Add some of the fans too to the case.
  4. so you are telling me to buy another one, or do it with this one?

    i didt tough this one was this old.

    EDIT: i just want a good desktop for Photoshop, not really into gaming that much.
  5. I agree with both of them but I don't agree with the one type of PSU. Don't get the cooler master of any type. There is only one PSU from cooler master that is worth getting but the price is way over my head.

    So don't get the cooler master at all. Now the Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, and the XFX is the better brands to have. Never buy a PSU that list peak power. You want constant power.

    Here is a link to two PSU's and a link to the list of PSU's you don't want. Tier 1 the best, Tier 5 the worst. I wouldn't even get that PC. Get something like a barebone type set up. You can find them on tigerdirect.com

    If you get a slimline case you will be limited to the size of GPU you can get. I believe it is a 6670 is the biggest card in lowprofile cards you can get. But if all you are going to do is photoshop?

    Then said set up that you posted would be great. It just won't be able to game. Then you would need something a lot different. I didn't see the edit. So disreguard most of my comment. Good luck to you though.



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