Agp card works, i remove it, put it back in, DOESNT WORK!!!

i have an old pc i am playing with and i took all the stuff out of it to paint the case and when i reasemble it the agp card(ATi Radeon 9550 256MB DDR AGP 8X Video Card) doent work anny more, it just shows a blank screen, when i unplug it and conect my monitor to onboard video it works, is my video card totally broken?
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  1. If you have onboard video you'll likely have to set the bios to read the 9550 instead.
  2. I agree.
    Maybe your BIOS reset somehow. You should enter your BIOS (DEL key usually) and change the default video device so that the AGP is first, or possibly AUTO depending on the motherboard.
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