Gaming PC Build...First ever build...changes?

Case: Rosewill BlackHawk mid tower ATX


CPU: i7-3770k IB 3.5 GHz

PSU: SeaSonic platinum 1000w 80+ platinum

System memory: Mushkin enhanced Blackline 8gb DDR3 1600 (2x4gb)

Optical drive: LG internal Blu-ray drive

storage: Samsung 128 gb SSD SATA III + Seagate 2tb 7200 rpm 64 mb cache SATA 6.0 Gb/s

GPU: EVGA gtx 670 superclocked
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    For gaming, cut the CPU down to an i5-3570k. If you're CF/SLIng, that is still too much power. 1/4th of that is scrap. Get a 750W PSU.
  2. Do you plan on overclocking? If so, you should get an after-market cooler. The Cooler Master Hyper 212-Evo is a good choice.
  3. is HT really not important for gaming? if so I will ditch i7...and yes I want to OC but avoid liquid cooling so probably not over 10%...I don't want to push higher than 60*C-high 50s
  4. No, no game uses 8 virtual cores (threads). BF3, at most, uses 4.
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  6. azeem40 said:
    No, no game uses 8 virtual cores (threads). BF3, at most, uses 4.

    A few do, such as dragon age origins which is over 2 years old. But most do not.
  7. Never heard of it. Where does it state it uses 8 virtual cores?
  8. all the current games required (2,4 cores) not more than this.
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