I3 2120 can handle Evga gtx 660 non ti ?

:hello: guys i want to know if the i3 2120 can handle the evga gtx 660 non-ti , and how it will perform in modern games like battlefield ?
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  1. Yes, it will perform very well too. Don't underestimate dual cores!
  2. those 2 together will do extremely well together
  3. Yup easily.
  4. can it run bf3 on ultra smoothly ?
  5. mrdowntownkiller said:
    can it run bf3 on ultra smoothly ?

    That depends on your definition of smoothly. 30 fps, maybe. I would check this site for a benchmark of the 660. Actually Ill take a quick look.

    Mind you that is with a 6 core i7 overclocked to 4.2GHz. So your i3 will deliver less fps. SO on ultra i doubt it runs at 30+, maybe high or med.
  6. You can tone down the AA and AF to get more performance, those presets in the link above a rather high which taxes frame rates heavily.
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