Overclocking my 1055T

I am working toward overclocking my 1055T from 2.8GHz hopefully to aound 3.4GHz. My MOBO is a GA-MA770T-US3 which has 4+1 phase VRM.

On the gigabyte site it says "Please apply sufficient cooling to CPU VRM zone when ACC function is enabled." How can I do this? are all my case fans on my IN WIN Dragon Rider case sufficient?

I am going to install a cooler master 212+ would that help the VRM?

I am upgrading my RAM to 1600 (highest the MOBO will take) I currently have 1333Mhz and its already maxed out so if I try to overclock the CPU it will *overclock?* the RAM. Will that work? Do I need to do anything special?

I have never overclocked before, but someone told me that my CPU may be bottlenecking my GPU so I plan to do a permanent, but safe overclock of my X6 1055T.
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  1. Sorry, I guess this belongs in the overclocking forum. Oops
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