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hi all.
im setting up a home network and need a little advice.

here is my layout
front room = internet enable tv + cable box ( which requires ethernet connection)
games room = 1 pc + 1 ps3 + 1 xbox + 1 wii + internet enable tv
under stairs = 1 hp mediasmart server
bedroom 1 = 1 xbox + 1 pc
bedroom 2 = 1 xbox + wireless laptop
attic = 1 ethernet connection required

in total 10 ethernet cable connections required.

i have a linxsys wrt320n wireless router which at present supplies the house via me swapping cables around as and when needed.
i also have a old wrt54gs v4 router.
now what would be the best setup i was thinking of buying a 16 port network switch but after some more reading should i go for 2 8 port switches and daisy chain them? but i also require the mediasmart server to be seen by both tv's all pc's and the ps3 and xbox in the games room.

a little push in the correct direction is what i need which covers my best options as well as space for future expansion.

thx in advance.
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  1. Yes, you can daisy chain those switches and all devices will be able to see all others.
  2. thx,
    so is tht the best to setup up in the following manner

    router = pc - tv - xbox - wii ( wireless connection )+ feed to first switch

    first switch = tv - cable box - ps3 - server + feed to second switch

    second switch upstairs = bedroom 1 - pc + xbox / bedroom 2 - xbox - laptop ( wireless ) - attict ( 1 feed)

    would tht run ok i.e no bottlenecks etc. the 2 pc's are the main internet users but once the server is added tht will be steaming films or music most evenings though the network.


    is it better to run 1 larger switch and have everything connected to that?.
  3. Definitely just go with a switch. Just go for a 12 port. You can always add another 12 port in the future if needed.

    If you have a few extra quid go for a 24 port. It should be cheap either way as you only need a simple switch and not a managed switch.
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