Headphones.. Cannot hear sounds coming from front

Hello! I have some trouble here...
When I play a game, I can hear sounds coming from left fine, same for right, but as soon as, for example, a character is directly in front of me and is speaking, I can barely hear what he says. As soon as I rotate my character a little bit, to not make him face me, I can hear the sound fine.. This is kind of annoying, and it works fine with my speakers, which are stereo.

My headphone is also set as stereo, and when I set them to 5.1 and test the sound coming from front, I can barely hear it... Seriously, I tried every possible things.. Any hint?
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  1. You sure it isn't the game? I get a similar problem in Rainbow Six Vegas 2, it's your soundcard/headphones fault I don't think, unless it's EVERY game.
  2. sorry i mean "it's NOT your soundcard/headphones fault" etc.
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