Annoying but soft humming, sometimes ruffling static

I have an MSI 970A-g46 motherboard with integrated sound card (too cheap to get a dedicated one) and I cannot for the life of me get over the soft ruffling noise that comes when I plug my earphones into the front audio jack.

Also, I am noticing a slight hum when Windows starts up and continues as my desktop runs from the screen speakers.

Does anyone have any fixes? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Realtek audio driver and that didn't work.
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    This seems like grounding issues. I remember having some cheap speakers that picked-up some radio station.
    Check especially if your monitor and PC AC cables are in the same power grid (as in the same extender or same wall socket). Also move all the cables closer to one another (AC, monitor and audio). A big loop enhances the noise.
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