Do I need to change my thermal paste when changing my motherboard?

I recently (2 days ago) bought all the components needed to build my new computer.
After building my computer, it seems though my motherboard went faulty. I am exchanging it with another board (ASRock to Gigabyte). My question is, do I need to purchase thermal paste since im transferring my i5 over to the new motherboard and exposing the thermal paste?

Thank youu!
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  1. yes, you need to wipe off ALL the existing thermal paste until the surfaces are really clean, then apply a small dab of new thermal paste to the center of the CPU, then apply the heatsink.
  2. Just as abeki said, and personally I use a 15mm strip off an old credit card to spread the paste evenly cross the surface of the CPU. And use a quality paste like Arctic Silver 5 it comes in a syringe for ease of use. If you want to be fussy you can buy a kit with A. Silver and cleaning fluids to remove old paste...
  3. Yep!
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