H80 or Noctua NH-D14 - Fractal Design Define R4 with window Mid Tower

Hello! For those reading, I have decided that I want to move my current build into a smaller and sleeker looking case that can also retain it's quiet ability and high performance. I have decided to go with a Fractal Design Define R4 ATX Mid Tower case: for the things that I am looking for. I have looked into reviews saying that the best way to cool this product with an OC'd processor of at least 3.5ghz is to use the Noctua NH-D14 140mm to 120mm fan cooler but I am going with the windowed version of the case and am wondering if a Corsair H80 would cool it as quietly and efficiently as the Noctua NH-D14 would. I am prepared to deal with the chunkiness of the Noctua if I have to, but am really stuck between the decision.
The overall goal of this case is to make the computer appear slick and more compact than that of my current Thermaltake Chaser MK-I and still perform very well compared to my current build but also take out the noise that I do have with my current build. I know that the Fractal R4 reduces on sound but I am slightly nervous that the padding insulation will make things too hot for the inside without a proper cooler. I am prepared to replace the fans on the H80 to higher quality fans and I do plan to switch out most of the stock fans in the case with more high powered and quieter fans.

Any past experience with these two fans or a better outlook would be much appreciated :D

Parts that may be good to know about for my build:
MSI Twin Frozr III 6950 oc'd to 1100mV
Phenom II 1045T x6 oc'd to 3.5ghz
8g (4x2g) low profile ram
Corsair GS700 psu
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  1. NH-D14!

    It outperforms the H80 by a wide margin, and is much quieter too!
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    I have the R4 and posted some details on temps & noise, link:

    In general, I can confirm what the online reviews say. Design and build quality is great. Cooling however is pretty basic. The 2 included fans are sufficient for a non OC, single GPU system. I have the "non window" version of the R4 and adding the side fan made a huge difference (about 7-10 C less).

    I would not change the stock fans on the R4 case. The R4 stock fans are quite and airflow is comparable to other fans. I used a Nocua NF-P14 as a side fan and tbh I would use a Fractal Design fan next time simply to colour match. In my set-up the CPU fan (stock EVO 212) is the loudest component.

    If you want the window version, I'd say
    - get a good CPU cooler
    - get 2 additional fan (1x intake front + 1x exhaust rear top)
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