I posted a couple threads over the last week trying to figure out what was going on with my PC and I finally found the source. I pulled out a cable that has 3 different connectors: PWR SW, HDD LED, and Reset SW. Can someone tell me what these do, in dummie terms? After I unhooked them, my computer powered right on. I am assuming this is what hooks up the power switch, reset switch and led for the hard drive. But is it absolutely necessary to have this plugged in? I'm guessing the power or reset button is stuck or has a short and is causing my boot cycle. Please tell me this is an easy fix =/ I had ordered a power supply thinking that was the problem, guess it will be sent back without even opening!
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  1. Hello,

    PWR SW - is your power on cable

    HDD LED - shows your HDD activity

    Reset SW - pretty self explanatory there. Reset button.

    You need to have them hooked up to power down your computer / reset if need be. If they are damaged it might cause your computer to continally reboot.

    You should be able to buy some spare ones and re-wire your front panel Power on/Reset button.
  2. Would that work with an Antec case? Hopefully it was just loose and not faulty. I'm going to hook them back up and see if it works properly. I had to look in the motherboard manual to see where they go so I don't mess it up. I'm not good with this stuff like most people on the forum are, but I do enjoy learning.
  3. It's a standard type of connector - so yes it should work.

    All the PWR SW/HDD LED connectors are the same in every computer AFAIK.
  4. I've narrowed it down to the reset sw. Will it damage anything if I just leave that one unhooked? I have never used the reset button. In fact, I don't think it has ever even worked... So I'm not worried about the reset button working or not, just if leaving it unhooked will damage anything else in the system. And why did it being hooked in cause a boot cycle? I just want to understand :)
  5. Well thats good. You don't really need it hooked up.

    Most likely there's either a short with your reset button - it might be damaged which might be causing the boot cycle.
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