Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P rev 1.0 CPU Question

Hello, I just came across an issue after re-researching an upgrade for my motherboard. Link can be found at the bottom.

I recently purchased as the low price was extremely tempting, I even checked CPU support list just to make sure, however I didn't check very carefully until after I already ordered it...

CPU Support list -

I happened to skim just under the spot I was initially looking at thinking it was supported, but it is not.

AMD Phenom II X4 965 3400MHz 512KBx4 6MB Deneb 45nm C3 125W 4000 N/A
AMD Phenom II X4 965 3400MHz 512KBx4 6MB Deneb 45nm C2 140W 4000 N/A
AMD Phenom II X4 960 3300MHz 512KBx4 6MB Deneb 45nm C3 125W 4000 F6A

The one I ordered was 965 125W, but the one that is supported is 960 125W. The CPU I ordered is also only 100MHz faster, my question is if I underclock the CPU (Phenom II x4 965 3.4Ghz to 3.3Ghz or lower), is it possible to be compatible? Or am I screwed?

Thank you!

(Here is a link to the motherboard for ease of access - )
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    You score lucky and just get a notice that it is an unknown cpu during post and work ok or it will throw a hissy fit.

    Hopefully it will boot and you can flash the bios to F6A and pray it has updated cpu compatibility list.
  2. Ahh, ok, I wasn't sure what would happen once it booted with it in there, I'll just have to hope it works, Thank you!
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