Pc for graphic using

I like to do Video editing,Photo editing and Gamming.
I have i7 3770k processor already.
Can you please help me to buy other PC stuffs within 300-350 pounds?
I know this budges is insufficient to High end graphic Performance.
I've to know within my budget what is High performance for using graphics features.
Please help me.i hope you will reply soon.thank you
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  1. Aim for 16 GBs of RAM for the video and photo editing.

    Any Z77 board from Gigabyte, Asus, or Asrock should be fine. I wouldn't go overboard with this, sticking around $125 USD equivalent in pounds or so is probably good enough for your needs.

    A HD 6850 is probably the sort of video card you want to be looking at for a cheap but pretty strong video card. If you can't fit that in the budget you probably want to save longer.

    For PSU you could do with an XFX 550w or Corsair CX 600w, somewhere in that range should be fine. If those aren't available in the U.K. then go on www.newegg.com, into the power supply section, choose 500-600 watts, and then note down all the PSUs that have awards from Hardware Secrets or Johnny Guru and then just find one of those that is available in the U.K. and buy it.
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