NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE INT ethernet port isnt recognized

My computer is a Dell Inspiron desktop 531S. I use Windows Vista.

I have an NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE INT with integrated NIC card. The ethernet port isn't recognized though.

I have downloaded all the latest drivers and updated my BIOS and everything I found listed about. Please help.
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  1. Just one correction: Your Geforce card does not have an integrated NIC, your mother board chip set has an integrated NIC.

    Did you download and install the nForce chip set driver?
  2. There is only one thing listed in their driver download page.

    Is there something else I need to find? If so, where would be a safe website to download it?
  3. On the NVIDIA site you also need to download the nForce drivers:
  4. Thank you. Did that and it still didn't work.

    Can't run Dell diagnostic because it keeps saying its not a Dell computer, even though it is.

    Don't see the ethernet listed in device manager either.

    Using parent's computer since I have no internet at my home.

    Previously I hooked the ethernet cable from the modem to a USB port through a converter I bought. With my old modem and connection that worked fine usually, but kept stopping and I had to reset the computer to get it working again. When I signed up with AT&T DSL service, that didn't work at all. I called AT&T DSL support and they assured my old Motorola modem was defective, after asking for its serial number. So they sold and sent me a new modem.

    It worked through the USB port for anywhere from 10 seconds to an hour, off and on for the past week, and for the last few days, not at all. AT&T says they tested my line and its fine, so its a problem with my computer, and they can't help me.

    If I can't get my ethernet port working, is there a way to get my USB port to work?

    The toolbar icon has the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark over it, over the picture of the computer monitor. If I unplug and replug the USB port, it goes clear, but the internet still doesn't work. Resetting the network device, and the change IP option, don't do anything to fix the problem. Switching to other USB ports doesn't do anything either.
  5. If I have to get a new card to access ethernet, what's the cheapest one that will work on my system?

    If no one knows, how would I find out that information?

    If I searched for "ethernet card" Or "network card" and got the cheapest, would it work, or do they have more than one type?


    I see people talking about New Egg, so I searched their site, and found some network cards for only $6.99.

    If that's the fastest way to solve the problem, I'll do that. Would that work for my system? Please help.
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    OK, before you purchase a network card, go into the BIOS setup and make sure the on-board NIC is not disabled. If it is enabled then it must be bad, so go ahead and purchase an inexpensive PCI card. I have purchased equipment form Newegg before with no problems.
  7. Thank you!

    I had run Dell's BIOS updater before, but that didn't fix the problem.

    Clicking F2 at restart and going into the BIOS, I found two things concerning NVIDIA LAN which were disabled and so I enabled them. Works fine now.
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