New Mobo, no BIOS beeps or GPU output

I have a fairly new computer, about 5 months old now, and several weeks ago it stopped working, I received a new PSU and today I got a new motherboard.

My build:
Gigabyte GA-970A-D3
AMD FX-8150
XFX AMD Radeon HD 6870
800W Arctic PSU

Before today, it was determined that my ATX12V was no longer working on the motherboard, so I bought a new PSU and my new motherboard came today. I installed everything, connected my monitor and powered on.
Everything powered up and it stays on when the ATX 12V is plugged in, whereas before it wouldn't power up at all.

To my dismay there were no BIOS beeps and no output on my video card. I do not know where to go from here. I have tried taking out the motherboard and checked for shorts and have only booted up with GPU on the board.
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  1. To reiterate, there were no POST beep codes at all. It would power on then no beeps, and I cannot find a code for zero beeps on a Gigabyte board.
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