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I have an older eMachines desktop that I am trying to breathe some life into. It's a Celeron D (might take it to a Pentium D), 2GB DDR2 RAM, capable of running Windows 7, so it's by no means cutting edge, but not a complete waste either. Anyway, it comes stock with ATI integrated graphics, so of course the cheapo manufacturer only threw a 165 watt PSU in there, even though it does have a PCI-e slot and brags about upgradability. I have several hand me down PCI-e graphics cards that I can throw in there: A 7300LE, a 6600GT and a 9500GT. I would like to shoot for the moon and put the 9500GT in there. Its requirements are 350 watts and 18A on the 12 volt rail. Now, given the nature of the machine, I do not want to spend much more than $40 on the PSU.

I found this guy:

DiabloTek PHD350 350-Watt Power Supply

Which claims to meet the requirements and has a good price, though the reviews are mixed on NewEgg and Tiger, and it is an off brand, which I know is not a good idea.

But I having trouble finding a PSU in my price range that will deliver the 18A on the 12V rail. I know that the card does not use 18A, just like it does not use the entire 350 watts. What confuses me are the PSUs that have TWO 12v rails. How do you match them up against the minimum requirements?
For example, would this supply work?

Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D Green 380W

It's a little more than i wanted to spend, but it's a brand that I trust and gets consistently good reviews.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. That Antec is too expensive go with this one:


    you will be alright with it, corsair is a great brand i always recommend their PSU and memory to anyone..
  2. +1 for ricardios
  3. You can opt psu from Seasonic as well as Cool Master too.
  4. Don't go with coolermaster. They make crap PSUs.
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