Amd trinity APUs arrived!

hello all,

The amd has released there new amd piledriver trinity apus with new architecture:)

There are dual core apus and quad core apus in which the the A10 5800k is the fastest one and its a black edition so better overclocking+ future upgrades btw in the other hand it also has an A10 5700 which uses only about 65w of tdp:)both of these chips have hd 7660D gpu inbuild which is about 2x or more or faster then the hd 4000 series of intel in games.most of the games we can play with that apus gpu with a quite decent fps:)

amd A10 5800k vs i5 3550 gaming benchmark

lets take a look on cpus performance the cpu performance of apus arent bad at all in $129 the A10 5800k is giving the same performance as the fx 4170 + a very good inbuild gp.A10 5800k is the fastest one whcih is on par with fx 4170 and gives somewhat better performance then the intel i3 in some benchmark but the i3 is a bit faster when compare to the cpu performance:)

pros for A10 5800k:-

1)powerful inbuild gpu:)
2nice cpu performance:)
3)good price:)
4)black edition:)
5:)overclocking ability which is a advantage over i3:)


1)100w tdp:(
2)need new mobo which doesnt semms to be a con i think:(

this was just my opinion:)when looking at the review and customers reviews i think customers are very happy with it:)what you all think about this APUs? pls answer maybe this will be my freinds next upgrade:)

its available on newegg:-

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  1. am sorry but im not an intel fan boy but those reviews have to be tossed. those system were not the same. if amd wanted the system the same they should have turned off the intel gpu and put the same gpu in the intel system as was in the amd system.
    there should have also been a full suit of tools run and bechmarking to show the true apple to orange speed of the amd chip.
    im not bashing the new chip from amd. when there a review site that runs two system as close as they can be and then tosses the kitchen sink at both pc. then i call that review a good one. what would be a better selling point for amd and there new cpu is not saying ours are faster then intel..but to show that with there new cpu you dont need a gpu for most of the standard games. they could sell a lot of these new cpu to people on a tight build or to oem looking to sell light gaming rigs. companies like dell and hpo that have under powered power supplys in there system. having a cpu with a high end gpu built in is a win for some gamers on a tight budget.
  2. i rather like trinity, could build a budget gaming system on it. or a cheap gaming laptop.

    keyword here is gaming. it is a real boon for gamers on a budget
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