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Hey guys so i need some help. I want to build a PC for gaming (WoW, Family Guy Online, etc.). Would like Intel build but im perfectly fine with AMD. i already have the mouse and keyboard, and would like a good yet affordable OS. . I also want to use it for school work.

Games I would like to run Smoothly at max settings:
1. WoW
2. LoL
3. Family Guy Online
5. 2K Sports Games.


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  2. If you get an I5-3570k in store at microcenter, you get $50 off a z68 or z77 mobo. Otherwise, drop down to an H77 mobo. You do not need extra fans. The HAF 912 is great for cooling, and extra fans will only make it louder. Check out this ram.
    Also upgrade to this gpu. It is below your max with the rebate, and other savings I suggested.
  3. what would you reccomend i replace? Jcec92
  4. so whats the final build?
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