Graphics card doesnt work with more than 2gb ram.

I had 2x 1gb ddr2 rams bought a new kingston 2gb ddr2 and if i put it in with 1 of the 1gigs (2slots) windows doesnt find the video card. ideas? If you need more data ask?

oh video card is gt 240
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  1. Let me get this strait anything over two GB of RAM your GPU won't run is this correct? Snice you have one stick of 2gb of RAM you should get another stick of 2gb of RAM and see if that doesn't help.

    Maybe the two single sticks are not compatible with the one 2gb stick. It is odd though. Get back to us and we will see if some other fix is in order.
  2. Yes, i tried 2 x2 gb sticks and its still the same result, anything over 2gb makes it unable to detect it.
  3. Ok how about posting you PC spec's including your PSU brand and how many watts it is.
  4. Are you putting those 2 sticks in the right slots? You should check your motherboards manual to make sure you are putting them in the right orientation for that memory setup.
  5. I tried alot of combos none work.


    Video card: GT 240 2048MB DD3 i think :o, wierd coz the cover says 1gb i think but dxdiag 1,7gb.
    Duo CPU 2.66GHz
    Macron MPT-400P
    400W Max
    2GB ram atm since no video card is no fun :p
    Windows 7
  6. You said you have only two slots for the RAM right? What is your MOBO? I need to see what your MOBO is or the type of PC you have either bought or built. Everything is good you posted.
  7. The pc is made by ECS, not self built. Altho i have replaced almost everything except the motherboard.

    The model is
    ECS 945GCT-M2
  8. I found out what your problem is. Your MOBO does not support more than 2 gig of ram. It has something to do with the bios chip. So no matter what you try to do it will not work.

    I will link you to your MOBO and just start to read and you will see under memory that it states supported up 2 GB. That means you will not be able to run anything more than two GB of RAM.

    I would be looking for a better MOBO that will support your other hardwear. Good luck to you and I hope you can get to upgrade it.
  9. I have an Intel DX38BT motherboard. Although the TechProdSpec document does show only 2GB of maximum memory, after I upgraded the BIOS and moved the PCI video card to the farthest slot from the processor, I was able to get it to boot and display video with 8GB of RAM installed. Always check for BIOS upgrades with older motherboards. Always use the Windows Express install version of the BIOS upgrade, unless you really, really know what your are doing (or don't have Windows).
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