I5 sandy vs. i5 ivy vs. i7 sandy

I am able to get the 2500k for $160, the 3570k for $180, and the 2700k for $230. I will not be gaming for at least 6 months, because I need to focus more on school, so I figured I could put a little more money into the cpu right now. Is the i7 worth the extra $70 over the 2500k , or is the i5 3570k a good median?
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  1. Get a 2500K, there is no point spending the extra for gaming, your gains will be less than a mere couple percent.
  2. What about for video editing? I am taking a video editing class, and will eventually start a youtube channel, so I just want to be ready and not have to upgrade just a year down the road.
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    Even in such instance I doubt you will see any improvement. I am not saying don't get a i7 but $70 is $70 and I am pretty sure a i5 can more than copiously handle video editing.
  4. ok thanks for your help!
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