Graphics Card for PC and technical Know-How for GAMING..!!!!

:) My PC Specifications :)

*M/B- Intel DG41WV
*O/S- Windows XP SP3 32 bits
*Pentium Dual Core E-5700 @ 3.00 Ghz
*2 GB DDR3 @ 1066
*160 GB Seagate HDD
*256mb nvidia
*20" LED HCL moniter
*SMPS- AC 220 Volts ~ 50 Hz and 450 Watts
*Intex cabinet

(1) Now as from above specification it is clear that my graphics card is not high enough to tackle the recent high config. games.......So I request to get help on getting a finest and cheapest GRAPHICS CARD options... ...My budget is aroung 100$ or around 5500 INR...plz give me suitable options....i would like to play all recent games ... :D

(2) 2ndly my os is xp sp3 so i would like 2 know should i change my os.....if so which is better windows vista or windows 7....whichever gud for gaming...

(3) last and final thing i would like 2 know abt cetrain things abt graphics card.....pixel shaders, frames per second, to go with DDR 3 or DDR 5 graphics card,G.P.U......evrything u should think before buying graphics card....???THATS ALL I WANT 2 KNOW.................

SO any advice will be really appreciated...thanks....its a long list to answer but plz help me know above things... :sweat:
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  1. 1. Your budget is really low. For that, you can get HD 6670, which should be way faster than your current one, but will play most play on medium-high.

    2. Windows 7 supports directX 10 and 11, so games like Need for Speed: The run or Battlefield 3 will only work on those operating systems. Windows 7 is considered better. However, seeing as your budget is only 5500 INR, there's no way you'll fit a windows license in it.

    3. Graphics card info:
    GPU - abbreviation for graphics processing unit. It's a small die on the graphics card, that's responsible for all the calculations. It consists of shaders (you may also call them cores) and memory.
    Shaders - these guys are like processor cores. There are few hundred in them on mid-range cards, and going up to 2048 in HD7970. The more there are, the better.
    Memory - GDDR5 is newest and fastest memory, however, your budget only allows you to get DDR3.
    Frames per second - number of times your graphics card can display different image per 1 second.

    Hope I helped.
  2. ya u sure did....thanks...Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GT240 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics... it has ddr 5 and is im my budget....can give a try??
  3. And another my PSU is ok to run the card??
  4. HD 6670 DDR3 is more powerful than GT 240 GDDR5 and is newer tech. Your PSU should be OK. For future reference of card performance check here:,review-32400-7.html
  5. so it is not necessary that DDR 5 card will always outrun the ddr 3??am i right?
  6. Thanks...
  7. You may can get a 7750 for $100 if your lucky enough to catch a deal. This card is about twice as fast as the 6670 at about the same power draw. Here is one for $104 if you can squeeze an extra $4 in your budget.
  8. He's from India, so there's ABSOLUTELY no way he'll get hd 7750 for $100. More like $150.
  9. thanks elbert for the info...but sunius is right out of's around 11000 INR minimum... in India...
  10. Upgrading the OS depends on what games you want to play. Unless they are BF3, skyrim, or a few other high end games I would stick with xp. The only absolute reason to upgrade your windows is if you have 4GB's or RAM or more.

    There are several 6750's around $85 but ill have to search some for an India sales site. Possible this older card would be at a better price.
  11. How can i know the FPS of a has different for each game??
  12. ram is not an issue...i will invest another 700 INR for 2 gb ram i will get 2gb for 700....i can go for that...moreover can't i use 2 OS...i will install another os with XP say 7??
  13. You can but there's no reason to do so. If you can afford Windows 7 - go for it. It newer, faster and better than windows XP.

    Also, to know fps for each game you'll have to check benchmarks. For example, for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:
    Hd 6670 is just below HD6750 is performance.
    I just entered "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim benchmarks" in google and the 8th link gave me the best info.
  14. FPS does change depending on the game but each level of card generally performs better as you move up. Sure you can have as many OS'es as you want. I just read your question from a cost perspective. Generally the OS cost about $100 so kind of made me think you only want to do this if you really need. Make sure you get the 64bit version as its required to use more than 3.2GB's in most cases. I suggest you check around for the 6750 also as they should be a bit lower priced given the 7000 series is out.
  15. plz refer this page u both think it is much better as it has more stream processors??and 700mhz ??
  16. ya that's has 720 processors and high gpu......i wanted 2 know that just few minutes earlier i saw that a DDR5 card was having high GPU clock speed but only 48 steram processors while a DDR3 card was having abt 650 clock speed but 480 stream processors's that??
  17. It's probably a typo. All same series cards have identical stream processors count, just the clocks might differ.
  18. ok got it....just las ttime....just tell me which graphics cad u recommend??
  19. thanks for the help buddies....:)
  20. HD 6750 if you can fit one in your budget. HD 6670 otherwise. HD 6750 is quite a bit more powerful.
  21. Yup on the chart I posted the 5750 and 6750 are the same performance wise. Its a great low end gaming video card. At 1080p it should go north of 30fps in BF3 with with the settings lowered a bit. I don't think the 6670 at 1080p can achieve 30fps in BF3 no matter what settings you change. The 6750 is the minimum you want for new games if that your reason for upgrading.

    On the streaming process per clock speed your looking at differences in technology. Kind of like comparing Intel to AMD CPU's. The Intel CPU can have a lower clock speed but does more work per core. That extra work may produce more heat that requires the company to lower its speed. The only true way of determining the best outside the same numbered series is benchmarks. With AMD even going from 6000 series to 7000 series they are a world apart in performance.
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